Tips to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

Teens are responsible for more accidents than any other age bracket of driver, including the elderly. It is understandable since teens are new, inexperienced drivers. If you are like many parents, the idea of your teen behind the wheel causes a lot of heart palpitations. The following tips are among the many ways to help keep your teen safe while behind the wheel.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving can cause accidents and it happens every single day. Make sure your teen understands that it is not a game of speed racer, and that an increase of speed also increases the risk of being involved in an accident. Teens should understand why aggressive driving is not appropriate and take precautions to stay safe.

No Drinking or Drug Use Before Driving

No alcohol. No drugs. No questions about it. DUI causes so many crashes every year, many of them fatal and it can ruin the rest of a teen’s life. Stress the importance of driving sober and discourage drinking alcohol before driving. Be sure to include drugs, including marijuana, in the conversation.

Buckle Up

Teens oftentimes feel invincible to the rest of the world and think seat belts only get in the way. Ensure that your teen buckles up every time they get behind the wheel of a car to reduce the risk of serious injuries when involved in an accident.

speed governor

Install the Extras

There are additional products that you can add to the car to ensure the ultimate safe. For many people, products like the speed governor which limits how fast a car can be driven provide safety and peace of mind that’s second to none. Look into these products.

The tips here are among many ways to add comfort to your world when teen drivers are out on the roadways. Use these tips to keep your kids a little bit safer.