Tips For Playing Football

Football, or soccer as Americans call it, is one of the most popular games to play. When playing football, you are building skills, thinking on your feet and most of all, having fun. When it comes to playing football, you want to get the best ball you can from a Sporting Goods Store Near me. Popular stores like Beaver Sports will have a massive selection to look through.

Football Tip #1 – Dribble with the ball on your toes

In order to dribble the football, you are going to want to have your heels off of the ground. If you try and dribble with both feet on the ground, this will make it very difficult for you to move around as much. Your feet should look like a ballet dancer’s when they are moving around the field with the ball.

By having your heels off of the ground, you will be able to push yourself forward a lot easier. You want to keep both feet on the ground if you are trying to run up field with the ball, but when you want to move left or right, dribbling is much easier if your heels are off the ground.

Football Tip #2 – Use your body to shield the football from opponents when you have it

When you are running with the ball, you might not be able to get around opponents if they can see what direction you are going. With that being said, you should try and hide the ball behind your back or use your body in some way so you can continue to run up field and get a few steps in.

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Football Tip #3 – Use your body to block kickoffs

When the kickoff is coming to you, and you know that there are opponents who could get the ball first, use your body to shield it from them. If they don’t know which way you are going, this can make it easier for you to get a few yards up field towards where the goal line is.